Printing notes

1. Please save the Artwork as PDF format file.

A.  InDesign Illustrator, please save as PDF format (such as complex transparency or feathering effect please split the transparency befor save).

B.   CorelDraw please save as PDF (in the file, such as the design of special effects of graphics, please convert to the bitmap, bitmap resolution 300dpi)

C.  Black text and black box line please turn into K100 before overprint (multiply effect) file resolution 300dpi above


2.The file must be added 3mm bleeding, print documents in CMYK color mode, do not use the RGB color mode

In order to prevent the text or other important content, please put the text and the important content be away from the die-cut line at least 3mm (at least 6mm to the bleeding)


3.All text in the file must be converted to a curve or create a outline.

Not outline text easily garbled phenomenon, affecting the printing effect


4.Black text, black wireframe and bar code please use K=100 single black (except panton color bar code) line width no less than 0.08mm.

Line width below 0.08mm, printing will not be able to show.


5. If there is a large area of black we using the C30 / K100 ratio.

Visual black.

6.Please make sure that the important image resolution in more than 300dpi, and the color mode is CMYK mode.

Image resolution less than 300dpi will affect printing effect


7.The die-cut line, UV area, hot stamping area, please fill in a separate PANTONG color and overprint color processing,name on top of color.

Convenient printing process of position and distinction.


8.Words do not use the system font, if use may cause white stroke staggered node.

The text into curves, please note that the word or whether there is overlap or skip row disorder phenomenon. If there is a white stroke staggered node, with instruction processing can be scattered. Do not use color overprint black text.

9.Suggest proofing befor production

Color proofing, can check out the defects of design.

Proofing for you, is the finished product samples same as the goods,you can check the size, the box color, text errors through the box proofing, if it is the first time to product, proofing, is a necessary part.