About Color Difference

1.Display screen color,digital printing,offset printing

Three kinds of equipment with different principle of creating color,so comes the color difference.

A. display is composed of red (R), green (G), blue (B) light combination into a variety of colors, different display and the same display in different environments are showing a very large color difference.

B. digital printing the electrostatic imaging and inkjet imaging mainly for electrostatic toner, ink is water-based ink.

C. For offset the color is by Cyan, Magenta and Yellow and Black ink composition of various colors.

2.About the color difference between the same batch.

The volatility of the offset printing machine, there will be a small difference between the same batch of printed matter.

3 About the color difference between different batches of the same product.

Printing machine environment temperature, printing machine speed and so on will have the influence to the printing color restoration, the different batch printing has the certain color difference to belong to the normal phenomenon.

4 how to avoid the appearance of color difference?

Use professional printing design software, Suggest design for the Illustrator Adobe format file.

Before the beginning of the design, check the color of the design software is set to C, M, Y, K mode, to ensure that the software is configured correctly;

Minimize the use of color, such as blue and purple, coffee, etc., in the design of gray, use single black, to avoid the use of 3 color gray;

If you have any questions about printing color, please contact customer service, we arrange for professional staff to answer your question.